Amount: $5,000 maximum.

Repayment: Over a maximum period of 3 years, usually.

Security:  Not required.

Guarantor: A suitable guarantor is normally required. The guarantor would become liable for the loan repayments if the client failed to make them. The guarantor must be able to prove their own financial position is stable.

Interest and fees: No interest or fees apply.

The applicant must:

  • be committed to debt repayment
  • be able to meet repayments required
  • have been working with a budget adviser for a minimum of 3 months
  • work with the budget adviser for the duration of the loan repayment.

If you need to find a budget advisor MoneyTalks can help through their website or freephone number 0800 345 123.


  • The budget adviser must recommend a loan. The client must supply before and after budgets and debt schedules with the loan application.
  • An application form is filled in with your budget adviser. All questions must be answered and full information provided.
  • The service Coordinator will review the application before it is sent to the Trustees for a final decision.
  • It takes about 2 weeks to process an application.

Your budget advisor can provide an application pack and brochure including further informatiom on the Moray Foundation.

If the application is succesful the client and guarantor are required to sign a loan agreement. Copies of this agreement will be given to each party after it has been signed by The Moray Foundation Trust. The loan money will then be paid directly to the budget adviser to be distributed accordingly.


If the client is in receipt of a benefit, loan repayments are made by benefit redirection.

For employed clients automatic payments are required. A request may be made for redirection of wages.

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