The Moray Foundation is an independent registered charitable trust, established in 1993 by Presbyterian Support Otago. We provide interest-free loans to people in Otago to help them avoid unsustainable debt, and where necessary, help them escape from it.

All applications for loans are channelled through budget advice services. This ensures that the person granted the loan is receiving on-going support and advice. The original capital was built up from donations and grants from community organisations. Since 1993 we’ve made over 600 loans with a total value of over over a million dollars.

Loan repayments to the Moray Foundation Trust directly help another person or family with debt consolidation; health, welfare and education loans.

Listen to Judy Marsh and Annette Harrex of Moray Foundation talk about what we do on Lending Matter‘s All Things Money podcast from July 2019:

Our mission is To invest in our community – specialising in loans to enable budget balancing, health, welfare and education for individuals and families.
Our vision is To provide interest-free loans to people in Otago in order to help them avoid getting into unsustainable debt, and, where necessary, to help them escape from it.